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Cabal 2 Philippines ★ Will It Ever Become A Reality?

Cabal 2 Philipines, will it ever become a reality or will it stay a dream for eternity?

Cabal 2 Philippines ★ Will It Ever Become A Reality?

A little over a year ago, PlayPark Philippines announced in a special Playpark Launch Event three titles and these titles were, World In Audition, Special Force 2 and Cabal 2.

Two of those titles, World In Audition and Special Force 2, were officially released within the year of the announcement but one title, Cabal 2, remained in the realm of obscurity.

As far as I know, Playpark Philippines has not made any kind of announcement regarding the release of Cabal 2. In fact, it's website has no information about anything except maybe for a message saying it's COMING SOON.

The question now is this, will this game, Cabal 2, ever gets released here in the Philippines or will it just stay in its current unreleased status until its forgotten forever?

By the way, one of the games in that launch event last year has said it's final goodbye only last month and that game is World In Audition.

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