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Best Video Editing Software For YouTubers In 2016 For Me

One of the Best Video Editing Software in 2016 for YouTubers like me is the one I'm currently using.

Watch my video version of this Blog Post below:

As a small YouTuber who records, edits and uploads videos a lot, a video editing software that is very easy to use is very important to me because I don't want to spend a lot of time editing videos.

I also don't think I can easily learn to use complicated video editing softwares like Sony Vegas or Lightworks

That is why the video editing software that I'm currently using is very easy to learn, easy to use and has a lot of features found in more well known video editing softwares.

The video editing software that I'm talking about is VideoPad by NCH Software.

VideoPad by NCH Software

It is very, very easy to learn, easy to use and it has a ton of features from video effects, transitions and audio effects to multiple video, audio tracks and others.

Using VideoPad by NCH Software

In fact, my video version of this blog post was created easily and quickly using VideoPad. From the opening branding and screen smash to the simple flashing clip at the end.

As you can see from these screenshots, VideoPad has many Video Effects, Audio Effects and Transition Effects to choose from.

VideoPad Transitions VideoPad Video Effects

VideoPad Audio Effects

VideoPad Video Effects VideoPad Transitions

My favorite Video Effects are the Green Screen and Motion Effects. For Audio Effects, my favorite is the Amplify Effect and my favorite Transition Effect is Shatter.

Anyway guys, if you are looking for an easy to learn and easy to use alternative to Sony Vegas or Lightworks then check out VideoPad by NCH Software.

It's the one I'm currently using that I'm very very happy with it.

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