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Asteroid Bounty Hunter, Destroyed 50 Asteroids ★ Gamer's Log, Game Date 312016

Gamer's Log, Game Date 312016. Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a newly released game in STEAM. It's a side-scrolling space shooter and I got a chance to play it for the very first time.

Asteroid Bounty Hunter, Destroyed 50 Asteroids  ★ Gamer's Log, Game Date 312016

Unlike most games, Asteroid Bounty Hunter doesn't have a separate mission or level for the tutorial. Instead, the tutorial is integrated in in the first Level of the game.

Since it was my first time playing Asteroid Bounty Hunter, I didn't want to make my gaming experience too difficult. That is why I set the game's difficulty to easy even though it was only Level 1.

Level 1 was a very easy and simple level. To clear the Level, all I had to do was destroy 50 asteroids and it didn't really took me that long to complete it.

Also, while I was playing, text windows appeared with information about the game, how to play it, the interface and others. It was kinda distracting but it was necessary since I was a first time player.

Now, if you are interested in watching my gameplay of Asteroid Bounty Hunter then simply watch the video below.

Next time, I'll go through Level 2 and I'm looking forward to destroying more Asteroids in Asteroid Bounty Hunter.

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