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Ant-Maniac ★ A Mobile Game I Can Never Play

Ant-Maniac is a mobile game that I can never ever play.

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Recently, I was contacted by the developer of Ant-Maniac in Twitter to check out the game. The game, Ant-Maniac, is free which means I can just download it and play it immediately.

Unfortunately, the game, Ant-Maniac, is an IOS game made for the iPhone and/or the iPad and that means I can never ever play it.

I don't own an iPhone nor do I own an iPad. It's not because I'm a die-hard Android fanatic but simply because these devices are way beyond what I can afford.

Anyway, even though, I can never play this game, Ant-Maniac, I was still able to see it in action by watching its gameplay video in YouTube.

Based on the gameplay video, Ant-Maniac looks like a very simple and interesting game because, in this game, you'll be controlling an Ant that is bent on destruction.

In the video, the Ant was blowing everything in his path using various kinds of weapons. The ones I saw in the video were the Pulse Gun, Electric Gun and Rocket Gun. How freaking cool is that? An Ant that blows things up.

Anyway guys, if you have an iPhone or an iPad then why not check out the game, Ant-Maniac, in the App Store and give it a try. The game, Ant-Maniac, is FREE, download it here.

By the way, this is not a paid video. I was not paid anything to make this video for Ant-Maniac. I'm just basically sharing the information so you guys can check it out for yourself.

Ant-Maniac ★ A Mobile Game I Can Never Play

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