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Speedy Building 2 Mission ★ Upgraded Energy Station To Level 5 ★ Star Trek Alien Domain

Speedy Building 2 is a mission in Star Trek Alien Domain which is a browser-based game based on the Star Trek television series.

In my most recent Star Trek Alien Domain gameplay, I was at my base in Fluidic Space and did another mission from my Mission Tracker.

The mission was Speedy Building 2 and the objective of the mission was very simple. All I need to do was upgrade my Energy Station to Level 5.

To do that, I simply clicked on the link in the Mission Tracker, clicked the Upgrade button in the Building Upgrade window and waited for the upgrade to finish.

Upgrading my Energy Station to Level 5 increased the amount of energy generated by my Energy Station by 146 Power which was a very significant increase in total generated power.

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