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Marvel Avengers Academy ★ Taking Selfies & Blasting Targets ★ Iron Man Ranked Up

Marvel Avengers Academy is an Academy Building Game where we get play with our favorite Marvel Avengers and build our own Avengers Academy.

In my last gameplay, the Wasp took a lot of selfies of herself. Of course, that's why it's called a selfie. LOL! Iron Man, on the other hand, built a Blasting Range so that he and the Wasp and future Avengers Academy Students can practice their shooting or blasting skills.

Iron Man also had his rank increased to Two Stars and the same goes with the Academy because it leveled up to Level 2.

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Now, the Wasp did her blasting practice in the Wasp and Learn Quest while Iron Man did his in the Show Off Repulsors Quest which was basically the same quest. Only with different titles. LOL!

So, both of them had their Blasting Practices and both of them had a blast doing it. Of course, the Wasp was better than Iron Man because Iron Man had some help with his quest. I had to use one Shard to complete Iron Man's blasting practice quickly.

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