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Leo's Red Carpet Rampage ★ Failed To Get Leo His First Oscar

Leo's Red Carpet Rampage is a casual browser game where you, the player, will control Leo as he chases his first Oscar Award on the Red Carpet.

Leo's Red Carpet Rampage ★ Failed To Get Leo His First Oscar

I got to play this game for the very first time and it was a very simple game. All I had to do was press the G and H keys as fast as I can to make Leo run and chase after the Oscar Award.

One of the bonus games had Leo crawling to his car and another had him acting hard but the funniest one was the one where I had to look for a Black Nominee. It was hard looking for one and if there was one in the line-up then I failed to find him. LOL!

Find the Black Nominee

In the later rounds, I had to press G and H faster and faster because I had to help Leo beat other Oscar Award Nominees who were also running after the Oscar Award.

There were also rounds where I had to press to Spacebar a lot to make Leo jump while running to avoid obstacles like photographers, cameramen and even Lady Gaga. Why Lady Gaga was obstructing Leo in the game? I have no freaking idea.

Unfortunately, in my first time playing Leo's Red Carpet Rampage, I failed in getting Leo his first Oscar Award. I did get him a ton of other awards but not the Oscar. LOL!

Watch me play Leo's Red Carpet Rampage in the video below.

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