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Got 3 More Paid STEAM Games For FREE ★ Make War Not Love

I just got 3 more paid STEAM Games for FREE from Sega's Make War Not Love event.

Got 3 More Paid STEAM Games For FREE ★ Make War Not Love

This morning, I went to check Sega's Make War Not Love website and found that 3 more paid STEAM games were unlocked and, for a limited time only, these 3 paid STEAM games are available for FREE in STEAM.

The 3 paid STEAM games that were unlocked were the following; Streets of Rage 2, Binary Domain and Condemned: Criminal Origins.

To get these 3 Paid STEAM Games for FREE, I clicked on the Redeem Prize button, Subscribed to SEGA's Newsletter and The STEAM Code for the 3 Paid STEAM Games were sent to my e-mail a few hours later.

So guys, if you are looking to get 3 more paid STEAM games for free then check out SEGA's Make War Not Love website before the offer expires. The link is in the description of this video.

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