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Fantasy Tales Online 🌟 Help Me Brew Quest • Collected Beetle Blood & Spider Venom

Fantasy Tales Online Help Me Brew Quest was a simple quest where my Character gathered Beetle Bloods and Spider Venoms.

My character who is a Brute was back in the Town of Bluevale and he was looking for a quest or just something to do because that's what characters do in a MMO Role Player Game like Fantasy Tales Online.

My character spent a few minutes just running around the Town of Bluevale talking to almost everyone he saw because my character wanted them to give him a quest.

Fortunately, my character found a quest. It was the Help Me Brew quest and it was given by a Shop Keeper. The objectives of the quest was very simple. My character just needed to collect 5 Beetle Bloods and 5 Spider Venoms for the Shop Keeper.

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After accepting the quest, my character immediately went out of town to where Beetles and Spiders roam and started killing them. In just a few minutes, my character was able to collect the required number of Beetle Blood and Spider Venom.

Having completed the objectives of the Help Me Brew quest, my character immediately went back to the Shop Keeper and delivered the requested ingredients or items. The Shop Keeper rewarded my character with a potion and a few coins.

Completing the Help Me Brew quest was a success and my character enjoyed the reward he received from it in Fantasy Tales Online.

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