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Chapter 11: Gone Fishing Quest ★ The Corrupted & Lady In Black ► Blade And Soul

I thought I was going fishing when I did the Chapter 11: Gone Fishing quest in Blade and Soul but I was wrong.

Chapter 11: Gone Fishing Quest ★ The Corrupted & Lady In Black ► Blade And Soul

In my latest gameplay of Blade and Soul, I did the Chapter 11: Gone Fishing quest. Unfortunately, the quest was not about fishing at all. It was more about helping the people of Whalesong Cove.

At Whalesong Cove, I met with Dochun and also helped in fighting and defeating those who were corrupted by some kind of Black Magic.

According to Bamboo Guard Gungwon, the chaos was caused by a tall and pale woman with black hair and wearing a black outfit.

After getting lost for a few seconds, I eventually found the Lady In Black named Jinsoyun inside the Tainted Grotto but she escaped and left a huge Corrupted Hulking Cave Augerite.

Corrupted Hulking Cave Augerite

With the help of Dochun, I fought and took down the big monster who was very easily defeated but the quest didn't end there.

After defeating the big monster, I escorted Dochun back to the entrance of the Tainted Grotto armed with a freaking cool Flamethrower.

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Back at Whalesong Cove, Dochun or Captain Dochun said the cave was a conduit between realms but not anymore. He also said that I need to train more if I want to take down Jinsoyun.

At the end of the quest, I got 10 copper coins and 910 experience points. You can also watch my gameplay below.

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