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Captain's Log 93739.12 ★ Q's Party Patrol Mission ★ Star Trek Online

Captain's Log Stardate 93739.12. I just returned back to Earth Spacedock where I accepted one of Q's silly missions.

Captain's Log 93739.12 ★ Q's Party Patrol Mission ★ Star Trek Online

The mission was called Party Patrol and the objective of the mission is to convince at least 5 Party Crashers to attend Q's Birthday Party.

These Party Crashers were basically Q's miniature clones and they were loitering around Starfleet Academy.

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Convincing a Party Crasher to attend Q's party was easy. I just did what they wanted like chasing them or guessing what box they were hiding and if successful then they would agree to attend Q's party willingly.

Guess Where The Party Crasher Is Hiding?

For completing this mission, Q rewarded me with Experience, Skill Points and a few Dilithium Ores or 5 Marks of my choosing.

End Log.

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