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Dr. Jiangshi And Mr. Hyde Quest » Stalker Jiangshi Versus The World In Blade And Soul

Dr. Jiangshi and Mr. Hyde is a daily quest in Blade and Soul and it is given by Gravewatcher Apprentice Dasoo. It has something to do with getting a charm from Stalker Jiangshi who is like a Boss in the game.

Dr. Jiangshi And Mr. Hyde Quest » Stalker Jiangshi Versus The World In Blade And Soul

In this quest called Dr. Jiangshi and Mr. Hyde, my Blade Master accepted the Daily Quest from Gravewatcher Apprentice Dasoo who requested my Blade Master to get a charm from Stalker Jiangshi.

Unfortunately, Stalker Jiangshi was not an ordinary Jiangshi. It was bigger and a lot tougher. It was like a Boss Monster. Fighting a Stalker Jiangshi alone at my Blade Master's current Level will only lead to brutal suffering and death. LOL!

Fortunately, Stalker Jiangshi was available to everyone on the map or in the area. That means, everyone or anyone can take a whack at Stalker Jiangshi and finish the quest without fear of getting killed. It was literally like the Stalker Jiangshi was against the rest of the world.

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Killing a Stalker Jiangshi gave my Blade Master the charm needed by Gravewatcher Apprentice Dasoo. My Blade Master went back to Gravewatcher Apprentice Dasoo to deliver the requested quest item.

Delivering the quest item or charm completed the quest and my Blade Master was rewarded with 360 experience points and items.

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