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How I Got X-Blades For Free ❤ Getting STEAM Games Free

X-Blades is not a free game but I got it for free in STEAM and here is how.

How I Got X-Blades For Free ❤ Getting STEAM Games Free

Before anything else, let me tell you guys something about X-Blades even though I have yet to play it. According to its STEAM page, X-Blades is an anime-style hack-n-slash action RPG.

X-Blades has a female protagonist named Ayumi, it currently has a 62% positive rating or user reviews and it will cost you around $10 if you buy it in STEAM.

X-Blader In STEAM
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So, how did I get X-Blades in STEAM for free? The answer is very simple, I got the STEAM Key for X-Blades from Bundle Stars. By the way, just to be clear, I'm not sponsored Bundle Stars and this is not a paid video.

X-Blades From Bundle Stars
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The X-Blades STEAM Key was sent by Bundle Stars to all its e-mail newsletter subscribers and that is how I got X-Blades for free in STEAM. So, if you want to get games like X-Blades for free then why not subscribe to Bundle Stars Free E-mail Newsletter.

Anyway guys, if you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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