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Christmas Wishlist 2015 ❤ Things I Could Really Use Right Now

Here is my Christmas Wishlist for this year, 2015 and it's all related to gaming. What else?

Christmas Wishlist 2015 ❤ Things I Could Really Use Right Now

Every year during Christmas Season, a lot of people create their own Christmas Wishlist. I've never created a Christmas Wishlist before because I'm not really sure if all of it will come true or simply remain as wishes.

With that said, let me start with the first item in my Christmas Wishlist and that is a new video card. My current video card is quite old. I'm not going to say what it is because you guys will definitely just laugh at me.

EVGA GeForce 8400GS 1GB SDDR3  
Play better games with EVGA GeForce 8400GS 1GB SDDR3

The next item in my Christmas Wishlist is a new gaming mouse. My current mouse is a Razer Deathadder that I won from a contest by gPotato many years ago. Fortunately, it's still working but, sometimes, the left mouse button likes to click twice when I only clicked it once.

The third and last item in my Christmas Wishlist is a faster internet connection. Currently, my internet connection is not suitable for Live Streaming. If I can upgrade it to a faster one then it will save me a lot of hard drive space because I don't have to record all my gameplays. I could just stream them LIVE in YouTube or Twitch or even Dailymotion and Hitbox.

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition - Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse  
Play better with Razer Mamba Tournament Edition - Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse 

As you can see, my Christmas Wishlist only has three items in it but these are the things that I need right now. A new video card will let me play new games, a new mouse will let me play better without extra clicking on everything and a faster internet connection will let me Live Stream at a higher video resolution and save me time and hard drive space.

So guys, have you created your own Christmas Wishlist for this year? If you have then what are your top 3 wishlist items? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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