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Bullets Passing Through Walls! CHEATER! WALLER!!! ★ Special Force 2 Philippines

OMG! Bullets are passing through walls! Cheater! Waller! Cheater!!!

Bullets Passing Through Walls! CHEATER! WALLER!!! ★ Special Force 2 Philippines

One ridiculous thing that I've been accused of in Special Force 2 is cheating or walling. So, why am I sometimes getting accused of cheating or walling?

The answer is simple and it's because my bullets are passing through walls, boxes and other objects in many of the maps of Special Force 2.

Accusing little old me of cheating! OMG!

Let's take a look at this guy. He is so mad at me because my bullets are passing through walls and hitting him. I'm not going to call him stupid because he might now know the reason.

So, why are my bullets passing through walls? The answer is simple and it has something to do with the gun I'm always using and that gun is a Machine Gun, an L86A1 to be exact, and it has a lot of bullets that pass through walls.

L86A1 Machine Gun

Okay, you can call me a terrible player, a bad player, a noob but a cheater I'm not. Now, if you want to shoot bullets that pass through walls then by all means buy yourself a Machine Gun like the L86A1.

So, are you guys also using a Machine Gun in Special Force 2? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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