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How To Stop Annoying Chat Messages In Special Force 2

How to stop annoying chat messages from appearing while playing Special Force 2.

How To Stop Annoying Chat Messages In Special Force 2

I play in the Philippine server of Special Force 2 almost every day. I like the game very much and I enjoy playing it but, what I don't enjoy doing while playing the game is, reading annoying chat messages.

So, how to I stop seeing or reading these annoying chat messages while playing? It's very simple and here is how.

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1. While you are in a match or game, simply press the Enter Key. Doing so will allow you to enter your own chat messages or execute chat commands.

2. Type /hidechat and press the Enter Key again. Doing so will immediately hide all chat messages from appearing ever again or, at least, until the match or game ends.

So guys, if you are playing with gamers who loves to post annoying messages in chat while playing the game then just execute the /hidechat command and you'll enjoy a much better drama free gaming experience.

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