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Special Force 2 Philippines ★ Coming This December 2015

Special Force 2, also known as Soldier Front 2, is targeting the month of December of this year for its Philippines launch.

As I was going through the official Facebook page of Special Force 2 Philippines. It was mentioned in the comments that the publisher is targeting the month of December of this year for its Philippines launch of Special Force 2.

It was also mentioned that the publisher is trying to find ways of launching Special Force 2 here in the Philippines earlier.

Also, it was mentioned in the Special Force 2 Philippines Facebook Page that the publisher is already doing internal testing of the game.

Anyway guys, if you are former players of Soldier Front 2 and you are somewhere in Southeast Asia then you'll find updates and news about the game from its official Facebook Page.

• Keep yourself updated about what's happening with Special Force 2 Philippines by following it's official Facebook Page → (

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Thank you very much and see you in my next Special Force 2.

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