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Let's Play Star Wars Uprising ★ Connecting Return Of The Jedi To The Force Awakens

Let's play Star Wars Uprising, a new free-to-play Star Wars mobile game from Disney and Kabam.

Let's Play Star Wars Uprising ★ Connecting Return Of The Jedi To The Force Awakens

I'm not what you may call a big Star Wars super fan but I do like Star Wars. I enjoyed watching the first trilogy when I was still a kid and I like playing the games specially the older ones.

Recently, Disney Interactive Studios released a new free-to-play mobile roleplaying game based on the Star Wars franchise and it's called Star Wars Uprising.

The thing that's most interesting about Star Wars Uprising is the game's story or plot is officially part of the new Star Wars canon and the events in the game happens just after Return Of The Jedi.

If you're interested in knowing what happened after Darth Vader died then I guess this is the game that you need to play because it will supposedly connect Return Of The Jedi to The Force Awakens.

  • For those who don't know, Star Wars The Force Awakens is the next episode in the Star Wars Saga and it will be in theaters late this year. If you want to get up to speed with Star Wars in preparation for Episode 7 then check out Star Wars Aftermath.

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