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Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 20 ★ This Game Is Getting Hotter And Hotter

Shroud of the Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 20, this game is getting hotter and hotter and I don't mean it in a good way.

Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 20 ★ This Game Is Getting Hotter And Hotter

As a minimum level Shroud Of The Avatar backer, which means I'm very insignificant in the community based on the amount of money spent on the game, I want to play Shroud Of The Avatar as much as I can.

Unfortunately, I stopped devoting a lot of time playing the game because of a few things and one of those things is the fact that the game is getting hotter and hotter.

When I first played the game, my GPU would peak at 60 degrees celsius. I was able to lower it down to a few degrees by changing my graphics setting to fast.

Now, even at the very lowest graphics setting, my GPU goes over 70 degrees celsius which is already very hot for my taste. I also play Skyforge which has better graphics than Shroud Of The Avatar and my GPU doesn't go over 70 degrees celsius.

So, why is Shroud Of The Avatar giving me such high GPU temperatures? Unfortunately, I don't really know the answer to that question but its definitely one of the reasons why I'm not playing the game too much right now.

Anyway, do any of you play Shroud Of The Avatar? If you do then are you getting the same high GPU temperature while playing the game?

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