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Grand Theft Auto 5 ★ Photo Realistic Graphics

Grand Theft Auto 5, are you guys ready for some Photo Realistic Graphics?

Grand Theft Auto 5 ★ Photo Realistic Graphics

Grand Theft Auto 5 already has amazingly awesome graphics that looks almost real specially if your computer can handle it. Now, if you are looking to level up from almost real graphics to photo realistic graphics then you might just find what you are looking for.

According to a GamingBolt story, a Reddit user is currently working on a mod that will give Grand Theft Auto 5  Photo Realistic Graphics. Currently, the mod is still in development but GamingBolt posted a few screenshots of the mod and they look amazingly real.

Grand Theft Auto 5 ★ Photo Realistic Graphics

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I can show all the screenshots in this blog post but click here to check out GamingBolt's story where the screenshots are posted.

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