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YouTube Death Threats ★ Just Got My First One

YouTube Death Threats, I just got my first Death Threat in YouTube. If you want to know more then read this blog post.

YouTube Death Threats - Just Got My First One

As far as I can remember, I uploaded my first video in YouTube about 8 years ago but, in all those years, this is the first time I've gotten an actual Death Threat in a comment in YouTube.

Let's take a look at the Death Threat. As you can see on your screen right now, it reads, "Yay it totally worked the dislike and report button yay thank u for giving me a reason to kick our account wow I'm gonna find where this guy loves (I think he meant lives) and kill her or him if he's gay".

Obviously, the comment with the Death Threat was posted by a troll who doesn't care much about Google or YouTube's Community Guidelines or Policies.

Threats are, obviously, not allowed in YouTube. It's a big NO NO that can get your account terminated if reported. Now, did I report the threat? Yes, I did.

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Guys, if you are running your own YouTube Channel then I strongly suggest that you don't hesitate in reporting any kind of abusive behaviour specially if it's a threat on your life.

Threats and other abusive behaviour like harassment and bullying are taken seriously by YouTube. In fact, YouTube even suggests that Local Law Enforcements are contacted when serious violent threats are made.

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