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Indie Game Spotlight ★ Slipstream, Retro Arcade-Style Racing Game

Indie Game Spotlight is where I feature an Indie Game that I find interesting so you guys can check it out and possibly give it some love.

Indie Game Spotlight ★ Slipstream, Retro Arcade-Style Racing Game

The Spotilight Is On Slipstream

My Indie Game Spotlight for this blog post is on Slipstream. Slipstream is an old-school arcade-style checkpoint racing game where you, as a player, drive across various tracks and race against the clock.

It's a very simple racing game with easy controls that looks and feels like it came from the 80s. I got interested in it because it kinda reminded me of my first racing game which was Highway Star for the Nintendo Family Computer.

Vote Yes In STEAM Greenlight

Currently, Slipstream is still in development but you can download a free demo of the game at its official website.

Now, if you downloaded and played the free demo of Slipstream and you happened to like it then why not help it get through STEAM Greenlight by voting YES for it.

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