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Does WTFast Work With Skyforge?

Here is a question for you guys. Does WTFast Work with Skyforge? If you guys want to know then watch this blog post.

Does WTFast Work With Skyforge?

Skyforge is currently in Open Beta. I know nothing about the game but that didn't stop me from downloading it, installing it and playing it.

At the Skyforge Game Launcher, the server that I selected to play in is North America because, based on experience in other games, it will be a little bit less laggy.

To improve my connection further, I decided to use WTFast to connect to Skyforge and, I can safely say, that it works. I was able to start, connect and play Skyforge successfully.

Now, the question is, did WTFast improved my connection to Skyforge? The answer to that is YES but the improvement was very small.

As you can see right now, I only got about 12% connection improvement. WTFast was able to lower my ping from 218 ms down to 166 ms. It's not a very big improvement but still 166 ms is better than 218 ms.

Now guys, before you go on hating me and this blog post. Just remember that even though WTFast works for me, it doesn't mean it will work for you.

If you are already close to the game server of the game you're playing then you don't need to use WTFast anymore because it will just make your connection to the game worse.

You see, WTFast is for those gamers that have bad internet connections or for those gamers that are playing from the other side of the planet like me.

If you already have an awesome and stable internet connection and you are already very close to the game server of the game you are playing then you don't need use WTFast anymore.

Anyway, if you guys are interested in trying out WTFast then click here to download it for free.

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