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Does WTFast Work With Heroes Of The Storm?

Does WTFast work with Heroes Of The Storm? If you guys still don't know the answer to this question then read this blogpost.

Does WTFast Work With Heroes Of The Storm?

WTFast Works With Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes Of The Storm is Blizzard's answer to DotA and League Of Legends. Currently, Heroes Of Storm is my favorite MOBA because it's fast paced action-packed and newbie friendly.

The only thing that I don't like about Heroes Of The Storm is the fact that I'm lagging badly whenever I play the game. To fix this lag problem, I would turn to WTFast and, fortunately for me, it works.

WTFast Works For Me But It May Not Work For You

Running Heroes Of The Storm through WTFast made the game less laggy and, in my most recent game, WTFast improved my connection by 50%.

Anyway guys, this is my experience using WTFast with Heroes Of The Storm. If you're not getting the same positive experience as I am with WTFast then I suggest you try one of those WTFast Alternatives.

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