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Cabal 2 NA - No Region Lock? Really?

Cabal 2 NA, no Region Lock? Really? Was that the truth or did the GM just lied to you guys?

Cabal 2 NA - No Region Lock? Really?

Before anything else, I just want to say that I have no problems with the Cabal 2 NA locking out gamers from other regions because that's just how most MMO games are released.

I created this video to address the fact that a GM of Cabal 2 NA just lied to a lot of gamers. I was browsing through old post and I found this post by a Cabal 2 GM named [GM] Spectre.

According to his post dated January 13, 2015 and I quote "This is technically an NA release in name, but it will not be region locked so anyone with a decent computer and Internet connection can play."

This Cabal 2 GM clearly said that Cabal 2 NA is in name only and it will not be region locked. My issue with this is the fact that a Cabal 2 GM just lied to everyone.

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Seriously, if you are a GM in any game not just Cabal 2 NA then try not post messages that will give false hope to people specially if you are not entirely or 100% sure the issue which, is in this case, the region locking of Cabal 2 NA.

It's better to say "you don't know anything about it" than saying something definite like "it won't be region locked" because, look at what happened now, you just lied to a lot of people.

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