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Tree Of Savior (English Version) Got Greenlit In STEAM Greenlight

Tree Of Savior (English Version) was Greenlit in STEAM Greenlight.

Tree Of Savior (English Version) Got Greenlit In STEAM Greenlight

The spiritual successor to the original Ragnarok Online game, Tree Of Savior, was Greenlit very quickly in STEAM Greenlight which shows there are many STEAM users who are very interested in this game.

Now that Tree Of Savior has been Greenlit in STEAM Greenlight, the question now is this, when will it be released in STEAM? Unfortunately, that piece of information wasn't available anywhere.

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Guys, I'm very excited for this game and I hope it's as good as the original Ragnarok Online game because that game was awesome and it got me addicted to it back then.

Hopefully, there won't be any kind of Region blocking when Tree Of Savior gets released in STEAM because that will suck big time. Anyway guys, the link to Tree Of Savior in STEAM Greenlight is in the description of this video.

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