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NickYurkovGaming ★ Small Channel Spotlight

Welcome to Small Channel Spotlight. Small Channel Spotlight is where I feature a small youtube channel like The Kabalyero Show so you guys can check it out and possibly give it some love.

NickYurkovGaming ★ Small Channel Spotlight

My Small Channel Spotlight for today is on NickYurkovGaming. NickYurkovGaming is a small youtube gaming channel with not so many gaming videos. His most popular or most viewed video is his Teaser Trailer Reaction to Five Nights At Freddy's 3.

Based on the intervals of his video uploads, I feel that NickYurkovGaming is not a very active YouTube Channel. The latest upload was made 3 days ago but the video before that was uploaded a month before.

Guys, maybe the channel owner needs a little motivation from his fellow Freedom! Family members. If you are truly part of the the Freedom! Family then why not give NickYurkovGaming some love by checking out the channel and watching his videos.

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As a small youtube channel, NickYurkovGaming is currently partnered with Freedom! Network.

If you have a small youtube channel like NickYurkovGaming and you want to become a YouTube Parner then I suggest that you partner with Freedom! Network.

The only real requirement in joining Freedom! Network is a clear understanding of what copyright is. If you know what copyright is and you're not violating it then you'll be accepted in Freedom! Network.

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Thank you very much.

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