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8BitBoy ★ Old School Retro-Style Platform Game ★ Game Review

8BitBoy is a 2D platform game and if you guys want to know  what I think about 8BitBoy then read this review of the game.

8BitBoy ★ Old School Retro-Style Platform Game ★ Game Review

First of all, I want to tell you guys that I got 8BitBoy in STEAM for free just for being a YouTube Partner under the Freedom! Network.

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Let's now move on to the actual review of the game, 8BitBoy. Currently, I'm not a big fan of platform games but I still spent a few hours playing this game so that I could give it, at least, a decent review.

My very first impression of the game was that it's a Super Mario Brothers clone and I was absolutely correct. In fact, even the character looks like Mario.

Besides, the character looking like Mario, the gameplay is also very similar to Super Mario Brothers. In 8BitBoy, the character breaks blocks with its head, collect coins, jump on enemies and even shoot fireballs.

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The game world also feels very much like Super Mario Brothers. Even some of the sounds are very similar, if not exactly the same, as those in Super Mario Brothers.

I know, this review is for 8BitBoy but, unfortunately, the game just reminds me of Super Mario Brothers every time I look at it, every time I see it and every time I play it.

Of course, 8BitBoy is like an improved version of the first Super Mario Brothers game BUT I don't think it's better than Super Mario World though. I think Super Mario World is way better.

As for the graphics, sounds, controls, difficulty, fun factor and re-playability of the game. Here are my thoughts on each of the following.

Let's start with graphics and sounds. For a retro-style game, 8BitBoy looks, feels and sounds very much like a game from the 80's. I know because I played a lot of games in the 80's.

When it comes to control and difficulty, I find 8BitBoy hard to play but only if I'm using my keyboard. Control of the game becomes much smoother and the game becomes easier to play with a gamepad which increases its fun factor.

As for re-playability, the game has a ton of hidden locations or secrets which makes it re-playable. Specially for those who likes discovering or unlocking things in a game.

For me, 8BitBoy is a game old-school gamers will enjoy because of its nostalgia factor but I also think young gamers today will enjoy playing.

Overall, I think 8BitBoy is a good game to get specially if you are into old-school retro-style platform games. It has that 80's look and feel, it's easy to play and it has a lot of secrets for you to discover.

With that said, my rating for 8BitBoy for this review is a very positive 7 out of 10. It's not perfect and it didn't blow me away but I enjoyed playing it.

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