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Shroud Of The Avatar Cloaks - Runescape Cloaks Look Better

Shroud Of The Avatar Cloaks, you guys may not like what I'm going to say but I'm still going to say it. Runescape Cloaks look better.

Shroud Of The Avatar Cloaks - Runescape Cloaks Look Better

Shroud Of The Avatar is obviously much better than Runescape but, when it comes to cloaks, Runescape has better looking cloaks than Shroud Of The Avatar.

Just take a look at the pictures on your screen right now. One is a picture of a cloak from Runescape and the other one is a picture of a cloak from Shroud Of The Avatar.

Ultima™ 9: Ascension ●

As you can see, the cloak from Runescape looks much better than the cloak from Shroud Of The Avatar. The cloak from Runescape has more details and looks more like a cloak while the one from Shroud Of The Avatar looks like linen paper.

As a Shroud Of The Avatar player, my current request to the developers is this, please, give us better looking cloaks. Add more layers to them, give us more styles and cloak variations not just the plain looking one.

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Thank you very much for reading and see you in Shroud of the Avatar.

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