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Aura Kingdom Costumes - My Character's Costumes In Aura Kingdom Online

Aura Kingdom Costumes, here are my character's costumes in Aura Kingdom Online...

Aura Kingdom Costumes - My Character's Costumes In Aura Kingdom Online

My character in Aura Kingdom Online is only at Level 28 and, the reason for that is simple, I don't play the game everyday. Don't get me wrong, I like the game and I want to play it a lot but I just don't have the time.

In my 28 Levels of play, my character was able to acquire 4 Aura Kingdom costumes for free. My character got 3 of the Aura Kingdom costumes as Quest Rewards and one of the Aura Kingdom costumes came from Crunchyroll.


Currently, my character has the Adventure's Suit, Royal Courier, Azure Guard and the USACrunchyRoll costumes. Now, the next Aura Kingdom Free Costume my character will get is the Gladiator's Victory Armor and my character will get it by completing the Level 35 Results Are In Quest.

Obviously, there are other Aura Kingdom costumes available for my character but they are not free. These costumes are listed in the Item Mall and can be purchased with AP. So, if you want more Aura Kingdom Costumes then just check out the Item Mall in-game.

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