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Thanksgiving Life Hits Steam Greenlight - Indie Game Spotlight

Thanksgiving Life, if you are a control freak or simply loves to play GOD then check this game out in Steam Greenlight.

Thanksgiving Life Hits Steam Greenlight - Indie Game Spotlight

I don't know much about Thanksgiving Life but, from what I've read from it's Steam Greenlight page, it's an open world practical life simulation game where players get to play or act like GOD.

Now, if that is something that's interesting to you guys then go to its STEAM Greenlight page and hit that YES button.

Of course, before voting YES make sure that you guys watch the trailer first and also check out the comments and other information in the page.

As for me, I find the game interesting. I'm not sure if I'm going to play it because I'm not a fan of games where I just watch and see what happens.

I'm more of an action-oriented gamer but, again, I find the game, Thanksgiving Life, interesting. Am I going to vote YES for it? Well, I already did.

So guys, check it out in STEAM Greenlight and give it some love by hitting that YES button.

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