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Syndicate, Get It Free At Origin Games

Syndicate, the classic squad based tactical game is currently available for free at Origin Games.

Guys, Syndicate is a squad based tactical game released over 20 years ago. It was a great game back then and, I guess, it's still a great game today.

In this game, you control a squad of cyborg agents and lead them through various missions against other mega corporations across the globe.

Now, if you enjoy playing old games or if you've never played this game, Syndicate, before then simply go to Origin Games and download it for FREE.

According to its page in Origin Games, Syndicate would normally cost you about $6 US Dollars but it's currently being offered for FREE.

It's a limited time offer and I have no idea when it will end but, as of this video, you can get this classic game without paying anything at Origin Games.

The link to Syndicate at Origin Games is in the description of the video below. So, stop reading this blog post and download Syndicate now before its too late.

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