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Second Life Trolling, How To Stop Trolls From Ruining Your Day

Second Life Trolling, here is one way of stopping Second Life trolls from runing your day in Second Life.

Second Life Trolling, How To Stop Trolls From Ruining Your Day

Second Life is awesome not because of the adult content but because of the freedom it gives its residents or users. Unfortunately, some Second Life residents like to use this freedom to annoy, harass, grief or simply troll other Second Life residents.

Now, if you are a Second Life resident and you happen to encounter a Second Life troll then you should know that there are actions that you can do to stop him from Trolling you.

One of these actions that you can do to stop a Second Life troll from trolling you is by simply muting him. You see, muting another resident will stop you from hearing his voice, receiving his Instant Messages, seeing his messages in Local Chat, hearing any of his sounds and others. In other words, he'll be almost invisible to you.

Now, muting a Second Life resident or a Second Life troll is very easy, just right click on the Second Life resident or troll and choose Mute on the Pie Menu. The muted Second Life resident or troll will immediately disappear from your view.

Awesome right? Of course it is. Learning how to mute other Second Life residents or trolls will greatly improve your Second Life experience.

So, the next time you encounter a Second Life resident that is trolling you or annoying or causing you grief then simply right click on him, choose Mute to Mute him and say goodbye to your problem.

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