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WTFast & Valve Anti-Cheat System Or WTFast & VAC Bans

WTFast and Valve Anti-Cheat System or simply WTFast & VAC Bans, will you get ban by using WTFast with Valve Games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive?

Some STEAM users are claiming that they got VAC banned because of WTFast. Unfortunately, this claim is simply not true.

To test if there was any truth to this claim, I played Counter-Strike Global Offensive in a VAC Secured Server and started it through WTFast. Guess what, I played for almost an hour and I didn't get a VAC Ban.

For those of you who don't know, VAC means Valve Anti-Cheat System and, from how I understand it, it will only ban you if you loged-in to VAC-secured server with a cheat installed in your computer.

Seriously, using WTFast will not get you a VAC Ban but cheating will. So don't cheat and don't install cheat programs like wall hacks, aim bots or whatever cheats that are out there.

As for those claiming that WTFast got them a VAC Ban, there is a very strong possibility that they were VAC Banned for something else like cheating.

In fact, maybe they were already VAC Banned and they're trying to get around it by using WTFast. Unfortunately, trying to get around a VAC Ban using WTFast will simply not work.

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