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WTFast Unable To Connect To IDC Server

WTFast Unable To Connect To IDC Server, are you getting this message when using WTFast?

I've been using WTFast for a few years now and I don't remember getting a lot of error messages with it. In fact, I don't get a lot of problems using it.

That is why when someone asks me for a solution to a certain WTFast problem, more often than not, I have no answers or solutions to give because I've never encountered it.

Would I want to encounter any problems in using WTFast? Of course, not. I would never want to encounter any of the problems some WTFast users are getting.

Anyway, let's talk about this WTFast Unable To Connect To IDC Server. A few people asked me about this problem but I couldn't give any answers nor solutions to resolve it but, thanks mostly to Google, I think I know what's causing it.

After going through some of the links listed by Google Search, I think this particular problem happens whenever a WTFast server is down or when WTFast is doing maintenance on its servers.

So, my suggestion is this, if you suddenly get this Unable To Connect To IDC Server then simply wait a few minutes or even a few hours because the server could be down or WTFast is in maintenance.

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