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Shoutouts, Dexter3112 & John Daniel, 2/13/2015

It's now time for Shoutouts. Shoutouts is where I'll give a shoutout to you guys. For my Shoutouts, I will pick one from my Twitter Followers and one from my YouTube Subscribers. So, here are my shoutouts for this video.

Shoutouts, Dexter3112 & John Daniel, 2/13/2015

My first shoutout for today is for Dexter3112 who is following me in Twitter. Thank you very much for the follow.

Looking at his Twitter picture, Dexter3112 is obviously a minecraft player.

Now, if you are looking for a minecraft player to follow in Twitter then why not follow Dexter3112. Click here to check him out in Twitter.

My next shoutout for today is for John Daniel and he recently subscribed to my channel a couple of days ago. Thank you for subscribing John Daniel.

I checked his YouTube channel and he is doing pretty well for himself. Better than me. Ha ha.

He plays a lot of Hearthstone so if you like watching Hearthstone gameplay videos then check out John Daniel in YouTube, click here.

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