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Ragnarok Online Philippines, Goodbye Forever, Service Concluded

Ragnarok Online Philippines, it's time to say goodbye to my first MMORPG forever.

Ragnarok Online Philippines, Goodbye Forever, Service Concluded

Ragnarok Online was the very first MMORPG that I played here in the Philippines. I was there when the game went Open Beta and actively played for two years.

After two years, I quit playing Ragnarok Online because I got fed up of the massive and blatant use of bots by many players and the publisher had no real solution to prevent it.

I traded my account for a Playstation and that was the end of Ragnarok Online for me.

On March 31, 2015. Level Up will finally end its service of Ragnarok Online here in the Philippines.

I guess, the game was no longer making enough money to sustain or keep the game running which is understandable because running a game server costs a lot of money. Anyway, I don't really know.

Now, for some good news. Philippine Ragnarok Online players who wish to continue playing the game can choose to migrate to the International or Global Ragnarok Online service.

Anyway for more information about the closure of Ragnarok Online Philippines and migration to the International Ragnarok Online service, just click the link in the description of the video below or simply click here.

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