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Marine Sharpshooter 2: Jungle Warfare, Got A Free STEAM Key At IndieGala

Marine Sharpshooter 2: Jungle Warfare, I just got a free STEAM key at IndieGala.

Marine Sharpshooter 2: Jungle Warfare is a first-person shooting game and it's about a sniper left alone in an African country to fight for freedom.

This is an old game. It was released a little over 10 years ago but you can still have fun playing it specially if you haven't played the game before.

Now for the good news. I got this game for FREE at IndieGala and all I did was enter my e-mail into an input field and clicked on the redeem button as shown in your screen right now.

What? You don't believe me? Well, for those who don't, just check out the next screenshot that's on your screen right now.

As you can see, it says IndieGala Giveaways, Marine Sharpshooter 2: Jungle Warfare. Of course, I've blurred my key because you don't need to see it.

You can get your own Free STEAM Key of Marine Sharpshooter 2: Jungle Warfare at IndieGala.

Disclaimer. The giveaway is currently running but I have no idea when it will end. So, just go to IndieGala right now and get your free STEAM Key. Click here!

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