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Faron's Fate, Beta Version, Free-To-Play, Check It Out

Faron's Fate, if you like indie games then try playing the beta version of this game for free.

Faron's Fate, Beta Version, Free-To-Play, Check It Out

Faron's Fate is an indie retro-style action roleplaying game. It's not a free game but the Beta version of the game is available for free.

I got a chance to play Faron's Fate and I had fun playing it. I find the gameplay very simple and very easy to learn.

The only problem that I had was with the controls because I'm no longer used to using the arrow keys for movements. Fortunately, it was a simple problem solved by simply re-binding the keys.

The graphics, obviously, is not state-of-the-art but that is one of the things that make Faron's Fate what it is. A retro-style game. The same goes for the music and sounds.

As for the difficulty of the game, I think the difficulty is just fine. It's not too easy and it's not too hard but it's definitely challenging.

Of course, if I want to beat the game then I'll need to play it a lot to develop my key pressing skills which is not what it's used to be.

Anyway guys, if you are watching this and would like to give Faron's Fate a try then the link to where you can download the BETA of the game for free is in the description of the video below or simply click here.

Now, if you enjoyed playing the Beta version then why not support the development of the game by purchasing the Full version.

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