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WTFast Tutorial, WTFast Free Trial Extended Again, 1/27/2015

WTFast Tutorial, I'm going to extend my WTFast Free Trial again without using any WTFast Crack. I'm going to use the built-in Extend Trial feature of WTFast.

The first thing I need to do is run WTFast, login as a Free Trial User and wait for WTFast to finish the login process.

My WTFast Account Status is Free Trial. It also doesn't show the number of days anymore because my Free Trial has expired already.

Click on the Extend Subscription link only if you want to become a Premium User. If not then just do what I do and that is to choose any game and click on the Play button.

At the WTFast Trial Period Has Expired screen, you'll see two options and these are 1. Upgrade to Premium User or 2. Extend Trial Period 14 Days.

I'm going to choose Extend Trial Period for 14 days by clicking the red Extend Trial button.

After clicking the button, a Login to Facebook window will appear. So, I'm just going to enter my Facebook login info and click on the Log In button.

A message appeared and it says "You will now be logged out of WTFast. Allow up to 5 minutes for your extended trial to take effect and log back in.

Just read the message and click on the OK button.

Look at that, I'm now logged out of WTFast. All I have to do is wait for 5 minutes and log back in again but I'm not going to do that.

I'm going to login as a Free Trial User now.

Okay, so I'm logged back in to WTFast and as you can see in my WTFast Account Status, I now have another 14 days of Free Trial use.

Download WTFast for free at

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