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Wakfu Vietnam, Localized Content For Vietnamese Players

Wakfu Vietnam brings localized content to Wakfu players in Vietnam.

Wakfu Vietnam, Localized Content For Vietnamese Players

I just want to share this update from our friends in Wakfu Asia. Wakfu, the massively multiplayer online tactical role-playing game, is now available in Vietnam and it's published by

Wakfu players in Vietnam can now enjoy a localized version of the game as well as a localized version of the Wakfu website where they can register an account, download the game and access the online store.

Players will be able to access Wakfu Vietnam using either an Ankama account or the Like ID and they will also be able to use their Like ID to purchase Wakfu's online currency through's prepaid system.

So, if you are a Wakfu player in Vietnam then why not check out this localized version of the game. The link to Wakfu Vietnam is in the description of the video below or you can simply click here.

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