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Pixel Star, A Fast Paced Arcade Style Open Space Shooter, Indie Game

Pixel Star is a fast paced arcade style open space shooter that you guys should check out.

Just to be honest to you guys, I have not played nor tried Pixel Star yet BUT I have seen the trailer in YouTube.

My first impression of the game is this, it reminded me of an old arcade game that I used to play when I was younger.

Also, based on the trailer, the game looked fast paced and there were lots of things happening on-screen like power-ups, explosions, colorful effects, etc.

The game also has this retro-feel to it because the ships are simple line-arts flying in the darkness of space.

Anyway, the game is extremely cheap and it's only 8MB.

Now, the link to the game's Trailer is in the description of the video below as well as the link to it's website where you can purchase the game or you can simply click here and here. LOL!

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