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The Secret World, Free 30 Days Code, Play For Free, For 30 Days

The Secret World, this Free 30 Days Code will let you play The Secret World for FREE for 30 days.

I'm somewhat confused about the status of The Secret World. I thought it was already Free-To-Play but today I got an e-mail from the publisher with a code that will let me play The Secret World for FREE for 30 days.

Unfortunately, I don't play The Secret World and I'm not going to play it even with this Free 30 Days code. That's why, instead of deleting the e-mail and forgetting about it. I'm going to give the code to you guys.

Remember, there is only one code and only one of you can use it. I guess, the first people who will see this video will get a greater chance of getting the code and using it first.

If you get the code and it didn't work then someone must have gotten it ahead of you. Also, this code must be used by January 15, 2015.

So, without any further delay, the code is in the YouTube video below. Simply watch the video and the code will be somewhere in it.

If you haven't played The Secret World before then you must first create an account and you can do that at the official The Secret World website.

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