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Steam Greenlight, Voted YES, Valiance Online

Steam Greenlight, I just voted YES to Valiance Online.

Steam Greenlight, Voted YES, Valiance Online

Valiance Online is a spiritual successor to City Of Heroes and it's currently in Steam Greenlight.

To help Valiance Online get into Steam and become available to all Steam users like you and me, I voted YES to it. Another reason why I voted YES is, I used to play City Of Villains which is the evil counter-part of City Of Heroes.

It was also the first international MMO that I spent money on. I bought the box and paid subscription for a few months and I love it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep paying my subscription and stopped playing but it remained one of my favorite MMOs of all time.

Now, if you want to relive the glory days of City Of Heroes or City Of Villains then here is your chance to do just that.

Just go to Valiance Online STEAM Greenlight page, login to your STEAM account and vote YES to Valiance Online. Here is the shortened link to Valiance Online STEAM Greenlight page,

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