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Sony Online Entertainment Sucks Right Now, Launchpad Not Launching

Sony Online Entertainment Sucks right now because it won't let me play any of its published games.

Sony Online Entertainment Sucks Right Now, Launchpad Not Launching

Currently, I'm having this problem with SOE's Launchpad. For some reason, it suddenly wouldn't connect to the internet.

This Launchpad error wasn't happening a couple of weeks ago when I updated my copy of Landmark.

Obviously, SOE changed something since then and, whatever this change is, it's not letting me play, not just Landmark but, all SOE games installed in my computer.

DC Universe Online, Planetside 2, Dragons Prophet and Landmark. All of them are having this Launchpad error.

I did everything that were mentioned in the forum and in SOE's Customer Support Knowledge Base. Nothing worked.

Anyway, I'm still hoping to resolve this Launchpad error and, until it gets resolve, SOE sucks for me right now.

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