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Silver Christmas Event, Rakion Chaos Force

Silver Christmas Event is the name of Rakion's Event for this month and it will have lots of stuff for you guys.

This month's Silver Christmas Event is filled with updates, events and other fun things for you to enjoy in Rakion.

It started last December 9 and it will end on January 6, 2015 before the scheduled maintenance.

As I've said, this Silver Christmas Event will have updates and there are two. The first one is the Silver Dragon Update and the other is the Lava Set Update.

For events, you guys will enjoy various events like Achieving Target Levels, Defeating the Christmas Monster, One-Day Bonus Pack Sales, Achieving Number Of Kills and a Night Watch Set giveaway.

To learn the specifics of the updates and events, just go to Rakion's official website. The link to Rakion's official website is

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