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WTFast Router Survey, 10,000 Respondents Needed

WTFast is a program that makes playing multiplayer online games better and more fun by reducing lag. It's easy to use and it's free.

WTFast Router Survey, 10,000 Respondents Needed

As of this writing, WTFast is currently doing a survey for its WTFast Router and it needs to get 10,000 respondents for WTFast to move forward to the next step.

WTFast is inviting everyone to complete a very simple survey. It will only take a few minutes to complete and respondents will get a chance to win $100 worth of STEAM merchandise.

For those interested in helping out WTFast, here is the link to the WTFast Router Survey,

From what I understand about the WTFast Router, it's a piece of hardware that will let you use WTFast on all your internet enabled devices at home. Of course, a more detailed description of the WTFast Router is found in the survey itself.

Anyway, if you are lagging badly in your favorite multiplayer online game then I suggest you try using WTFast. You can download as well as learn more about WTFast by checking out its official website, click here.

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