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Spaceship Explode, BOOM! An Awesome Sight

Seeing spaceships explode or watching spaceships exploding is just one of the things that I like in Star Trek Online. A big exploding spaceship is an awesome sight to see specially when I have my graphics is set to high.

Spaceship Explode, BOOM! An Awesome Sight

The bigger the spaceships are, the bigger the explosions they create and Star Trek Online is not lacking in big spaceships. In fact, the Delta Rising update introduced a few more big spaceships in the game.

Of course, explosions in real life are dangerous. Spaceships exploding in real life are even more dangerous but, since Star Trek Online is a game, exploding spaceships are not dangerous at all. It's like watching a fireworks display in space.

Anyway, Star Trek Online is not only about explosions or exploding spaceships or spaceship exploding. It's really an amazing game that let's me become part of the Star Trek mythology.

You too can be part of the Star Trek Universe in Star Trek Online and you can start by visiting Star Trek Online's official website at

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