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Shards Online Second Kickstarter Attempt Is Up And Running

Shards Online second Kickstarter attempt is up and running and it's halfway through. Shards Online is a multiplayer online roleplaying game where you as a player can create and manage your own world.

Shards Online Second Kickstarter Attempt Is Up And Running

I'm not sure if this is a correct analogy but it's like running your own private server of Ultima Online but with better graphics and better features. By the way, I mentioned Ultima Online because Shards Online is greatly inspired by Ultima Online.

Shards Online's first Kickstarter attempt failed but this second Kickstarter attempt is bound to succeed because the developer greatly reduced its funding goal.

The goal of the first Kickstarter attempt was 320,000 USD but it only got over 70,000 USD. The goal of this new Kickstarter attempt is only 50,000 USD and, based on how much the first Kickstarter attempt got, reaching it is not impossible.

In fact, it's already halfway through with still many days to go. You can check out Shards Online's new Kickstarter by visiting this link,

Again, check out Shards Online's Second Kickstarter Campaign and if you think it's the kind of game you're willing to play and support then make a pledge to move this game forward in its development.

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