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Rakion Thanksgiving Month, Events For The Month Of November 2014

This month is Rakion Thanksgiving Month in Rakion Chaos Force. To celebrate the Rakion Thanksgiving Month, all of you Rakion players will get lots of things like events, bonuses and new items.

Rakion Thanksgiving Month, Events For The Month Of November 2014

The Rakion Thanksgiving Month starts on November 4, 2014 (after the maintenance) and it will end on December 9, 2014.

Here are the things you can look forward to in this month's Rakion Thanksgiving Month.

First is the release of the Sparta Set which is a new powerful item with lots of bonuses.

Next is the release of a new necklace called the Cancer Necklace. This necklace is only 3,000 cash and it's available to level 15 and above characters.

Rakion will also have various events like the Recommend Event, Roulette Event, Login Gauge Food Event and Mega Phone Event.

Here are the other things you can enjoy this month in Rakion.
  • Lucky break when purchasing items~
    Every 50th purchaser (at the item shop) will get rewarded with additional item.
  • Gift certificate to your friends certificate will be on sale during the event period. This certificate can be used only when received by the post (by others). Send your loved ones this certificate via post now~
    Period : 5th November ~ 11th  November(1 week)
  • The Adventurer’s Package is back!
    Level up as much as you can and get rewarded of various items! 
  • PU card is on sale
    PU card will be back on sale during the event period.

For more information about Rakion and the Rakion Thanksgiving Month, you can go to Rakion's official website at

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